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If you’re just starting out with vaping, an e-Cig is usually your best bet. e-Cigs usually have a form-factor that mimics the look of a cigarette and they’re ideal for people who are working to quit smoking traditional carcinogenic  cigarettes.

The similar shape of an e-Cig helps to trick your brain into thinking you’re still smoking a cigarette (even though you’re not) so it’s a very effective way to gradually reduce your nicotine consumption. Eventually you’ll reach the point where you’re just vaping for the pleasure of it and you’ll no longer need any nicotine at all.

For long-time e-cig users, the eGo-C Twist gets the most votes as the best all-round e-cigarette. The eGo-C Twist is what’s known as a mid-size or ‘fat-batt’ model. It has a bigger battery than the cigarette-size models, which means it produces more vapor and can go for longer before needing a recharge.  It’s discrete enough to fit into nearly any pocket or purse and the long life battery makes it easy to use for days at a time.

Of course, like their big brother vapes (called Mods), e-Cigs have a lot of ways they can be customized according to the user’s preference. For the eGo in particular, we have a selection of tanks, tips and atomizers that can be used in-place of the originally supplied parts. If you’re looking to start out with e-Cigs, the eGo-C Twist is perfect for you.