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Mods are the next step-up from an e-Cig. Due to larger the size and weight of these devices, many people use their Mod for their “in-home” vaping and carry smaller, more compact e-cigarette while out of the house.

The main benefit to a mod is the power output control and the battery life. Most mods allow the user to adjust the output of the voltage going to the heating element, check the battery levels, and see the resistance of the element coil in real time, rated in Ohms.

This allows the user to find the perfect blend of heat and voltage for any juice flavor. You may reduce the voltage of your mod and still get a high temperature from the element if you are using a low resistance cartomizer, however you may notice more sensitivity to burning your e-liquid and heating element if you use a LR cartomizer at a high voltage.

Take a look at the video below to see a selection of some of our high-end mods. We stock a large variety of mods and our selection is growing every day!