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Get the best e-Cig and Vapes in San Diego

e-Cig Creations is your source for all things e-Cig and Vape in San Diego. We stock an extensive variety of e-cigs and mods, as well as tons of unique flavors for your vaping enjoyment. Come on down and check out our Juice Bar where you can try any of our juice flavors before you buy it.

While you’re here, you can talk shop with our employees who love to discuss how to get the most out of your vaping experience. We also do special customizations so if you’ve got an idea for your mod, we can make it a reality! And of course, while you’re here, feel free to hang out and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in our Vape Lounge.

e-Cig Creations is the best vape shop in San Diego. We are the premier e-Cig and vape shop and we take pride in providing a truly unique experience.