Box mods allow the user to adjust the output of the voltage going to the heating element, check the battery levels, and see the resistance of the element coil in real time, rated in Ohms. This allows the user to find the perfect blend of heat and voltage for any juice flavor.


“Atomizer” is the technical name for the heating unit of a vape. E-Cig Creations sells pre-made coils that are ideal for rebuildable atomizers (RDA). For a more plug-and-play atomizer, we offer a variety of stock coils that you can screw directly into your tank.


Salt Nic devices offer powerful hits in discrete device sizes. A salt nicotine vape can deliver higher nicotine strengths without getting a rough throat hit. Salt nicotine is absorbed into the blood at a rate closer to that of a cigarette, so it’s ideal as a transitional smoking-cessation device.


E-Cig Creations sells all major lithium-ion batteries and chargers, including popular sizes like 18650, 20700, 26650. We also stock a variety of drip tips for your tanks and RDAs, so you can fully personalize your mod.