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E-Cig Creations offers over 240 different, name-brand juice flavors, including juices for salt nic devices. E-Cig Creations sells only trusted brands with established reputations, so you can be assured that every juice we sell is FDA-Approved with lab-tested nicotine contents. Scroll down to reveal our full juice menu.

Juice Delivery

E-Cig Creations offers delivery orders, fulfilled by services like Postmates. Simply download the delivery-service app and create a “custom order” using the information listed on our Delivery Page.

Juice Flavors

(Available in 0, 3, & 6 mg nicotine levels. Certain flavors also available in 12 or 18 mg nicotine levels.)

List of fruit-flavored e-cig juices List of Candy and Tobacco flavored e-cig juices List of ecig juices Menthol flavors

Salt Nic Flavors

(Variable nicotine levels. Most salt nic juices below are between 25 and 55 mg.)

List of dessert and candy-flavored e-cig juices List of fruit-flavored e-cig juicesList of menthol-flavored e-cig juices