Got dirty coils?  There’s an easy way to clean your coils before you change your cotton.

When you change your atomizer coil, do you know how to prime it?  “Priming” is what we call it when we “set up” the atomizer coil to be used the first time.  If you’ve never primed your atomizer coil before, watch this video:

We prime our atomizer coils so that we don’t get that burnt taste when we put fresh e-liquid in our tanks.  Trust me, that burnt taste can last for awhile if you don’t prime the coil.  I suggest doing this with every new atomizer coil you replace in your Aspire tanks, such as the Nautilus, Nautilus mini, Atlantis, ET-S, or K1.  We offer all these tanks at the shop 🙂

When using you new e-cig pen, regular cigarettes are equivalent to 12-18mg of nicotine, 18 being more on the bold side.  Light cigarettes are 6mg.  Ultra light cigarettes are 3mg.

Remember that this is just a comparison to cigarettes.  Liquid nicotine will also feel different from smoking a cigarette.  Depending on the resistance that you’re using in your atomizer and the level of voltage/wattage affects the level of nicotine you intake.


Ask yourself this: Am I addicted to the nicotine in a cigarette, or do I just have an oral fixation?  With the typical pack-a-day smoker, we usually start them at 12mg.  From there, we’ll be able to figure out if it’s too much or too little nicotine, or just about right for you.  If you just like the motions of your hand-to-mouth, you may not need any nicotine at all.

How to describe the parts of your vape pen.  We get phone calls of all different types of questions.  Sometimes it’s hard to help over the phone if we don’t understand what parts the customer is trying to refer to.  Hopefully this video helps!


Give us a call if you ever need help with your device, or you can stop in Tuesday – Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday 11am-7pm.  Closed on Mondays.



A bottom-loaded tank is a tank where the atomizer coil sits at the bottom base.  Gravity helps the liquid get to the coil and wick at the bottom.  On the other hand, top-loaded tanks have the atomizer coil at the top of the tank and typically has a wick that can be seen inside the tank leading down to the bottom.


To keep the freshest taste in your tank, you’ll need to change your atomizer coil after an average of 2 weeks/500 puffs depending on how often you’re vaping.  It’s as simple as unscrewing the coil from the base, and then replacing it with a new one.  Just remember not to over tighten anything that requires it to be screwed onto other pieces.