On a standard dual coil build, do you ever feel like one of your coils is heating up faster than the other?  You should probably check to make sure both coils are firing up at the same time, otherwise you may create a short in the circuit.  Here’s an easy way to fix the problem:

Check to see that all screws are tightened up.  Sometimes the screws can come loose by regular use.  If they’re still firing unevenly, you can try squeezing the coils together with ceramic tweezers.  The goal is to get both coils firing together again.

There’s a different technique when you use Japanese organic cotton pads.  Here’s how I use the cotton to wick my atomizer:

Here’s one way to change your cotton in your RDA.


Don’t know which cotton to pick?  You should try both so that you know for yourself what kind of cotton you like.  Here are the differences that I found with both.

Organic cotton:

Pros – More flavor, lasts longer, easy to find

Cons – less absorbent, harsher hit

Japanese cotton:

Pros – absorbs a ton of juice, easy to cut and twist, smooth hit, less dry hits

Cons – flavor is toned down, hard to find in stores