Adapter: Dual threaded device for fitting different threaded consumables together. Eg – Connecting an 901 atomiser on a 510 battery.

All Day Vape: The e-liquid you most rely on or favor. That e-liquid you constantly vape because it never gets old.

Analog/Analogue: What vapers call a traditional tobacco (or real) cigarette, where the electronic cigarette is “digital”.

ANTZ: Anti-tobacco and Nicotine Zealots

APV Advanced Personal Vaporizer: a more advanced version of a personal vaporizer. It may consist of a larger battery and advanced technical features such as variable voltage or variable wattage.

Ass Juice: The rating given to e liquid for vaping. Usually developed by mixers who haven’t the skills or informology to know what they are doing, or how they are doing it. In other words, the e juice tastes like crap.

Atomizer: (Atty): The heating unit of the electronic cigarette. Metal wire wrapped around a core and is contained in a metal housing that screws into the battery. When electricity from the battery is applied it vaporizes the e-liquid. This generates the vapor.

Atomizer Tank: The atomizer tank is your standard style tank with a dual-coil pre-dotted/slotted atomizer. Other or more out of the ordinary and much more expensive atomizer tanks are those that are rebuildable or serve more than just one purpose.

Atty: abbreviation for Atomizer

Auto: abbreviation for automatic.

Automatic: (Auto) A battery that when taking a draw activates the heating element. No button is used to activate the heating element. An internal sensor activates automatically when air is allowed to follow through the battery.

AVP: Abbreviation for Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Also, Alien VS Predator.