When using you new e-cig pen, regular cigarettes are equivalent to 12-18mg of nicotine, 18 being more on the bold side.  Light cigarettes are 6mg.  Ultra light cigarettes are 3mg.

Remember that this is just a comparison to cigarettes.  Liquid nicotine will also feel different from smoking a cigarette.  Depending on the resistance that you’re using in your atomizer and the level of voltage/wattage affects the level of nicotine you intake.


Ask yourself this: Am I addicted to the nicotine in a cigarette, or do I just have an oral fixation?  With the typical pack-a-day smoker, we usually start them at 12mg.  From there, we’ll be able to figure out if it’s too much or too little nicotine, or just about right for you.  If you just like the motions of your hand-to-mouth, you may not need any nicotine at all.