FDA: Abbreviation for the (United States) Food and Drug Administration.

Feeder: (Juice Fed Device) – A personal vaporizer that contains a filled bottle of e-liquid. These devices feed juice directly into the atomizer or cartomizer by squeezing the bottle, where the liquid is then fed through a tube, into your atty/ carto and ultimately vaped. This was invented to replace dripping without compromising on flavour.

Filler/Filler Material: This is the filling inside a blank cartridge or cartomizer. It is designed to soak in the e-liquid and direct it to the heating element.

Flooding: This occurs when too much e-liquid has flooded an atomizer (atty) or cartomizer (carto) and results in poor vapor and can cause “gurgling”. When this happens it is possible that the eliquid has entered the battery connection. This can cause damage if not cleaned

Fluval: A common filler material used in aquariums; some vapers use it to replace the standard filler found in factory cartridges.

Food and Drug Administration: FDA – An administrative branch of the United States government that oversees rules and regulations pertaining to the safety of food and drug products sold in the USA. There is currently a very controversial lawsuit involving the FDA and the importation and distribution of electronic cigarettes.