Gen: abbriviation for Genesis.

Genesis: A type of rebuildable tank atomiser for advanced vapers. It uses oxidised stainless steel as a wick instead of the more common glass-fibre wick seen in mass produced atomisers.

Glycerine: A sweet-tasting liquid commonly used in food production; it is often used as a base liquid for cartridges.

Glycerine BP: A british term for Glycerine British Pharmacopoeia a type of base liquid used for e-cigarette cartridges; flavouring and nicotine can be added.

Glycerin USP: USP stands for “U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention”

Goose Neck: The goose neck is a flexible extension for your PV. Goose necks come in assorted colors and sizes.

Gurgling: Usually occurs when too much e-liquid is supplied to a given device resulting in flooding. Another cause is condensation built up in the air passage.