Leaking: This can happen when too much Juice is added to an atomizer or cartomizer. Juice can leak out of the bottom of the heating element and onto the battery, which in some cases can cause damage to the device (as is the case with Automatic Batteries).

LED: Abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode.

Light Emitting Diode: LED – A diode that converts applied voltage to light. These are commonly used in electronic cigarette devices to indicate that the device is actively being used.

Li-on: An abbreviated term for lithium ion batteries.

Liquid: Also referred to as E-Liquid, E-Juice, Smoke Juice, or Juice. This is the liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette.

Low Resistance: (LR) An atomizer or cartomizer with a lower Ohm rating than the standard equipment. It generally causes the heating element to get hotter faster and produces vapor more quickly. Lower resistance produces more vapor than an atty or carto that has a standard resistance rating.

LR: Abbreviation for Low Resistance.

LR Atty: A lower resistance atomiser than a standard resistance atomiser usually around 1.5ohms. A standard atomiser is around 2.0ohms.