mAh: The term “mAh” references to Milliamp per Hour.

Manual: A style of electronic cigarette that has a button (mounted usually on the top side of the battery) that when pushed, activates the heating element. The button must be pushed in order to produce vapor from the atomizer/cartomizer. It is considered by some to be less like a traditional cigarette than the automatic electronic cigarette. Many prefer this style due to it being sealed and can not be adversely affected by e-liquid.

Mechanical (Mod): it’s a PV with no wires. All the current flows through parts of the device, usually the outer casing, allowing for a very high current flow. In theory they should be able to handle any current demands put on them as opposed to unregulated mods which often have wires or switches that can possibly melt when too much current is applied.

Memory Effect: A process by which NiCad batteries begin performing in properly due to misreported energy levels; the memory effect causes the device to believe that batteries are dead when they are really not. You can reduce the likelihood of the memory effect by regularly discharging fully, and then overcharging, batteries. Li-Ion hos no memory.Some people use Ni-mh which has no memory, but no one used Ni-Cad batteis anymore, and if they do they probably won’t be reading this.

Menthol: A substance derived from peppermint which is used in a variety of applications including cigarettes, food of flavoring, and even in medicines. It can be used to flavor e-liquid.

Mesh: The cover of the atomiser bridge; typically made of a metal mesh material, stainless steel mesh for example.

mg: Abbreviation for Milligrams.

mg Strength: A measurement denoting the strength of the nicotine level in an e-liquid; 18mg means that for every 1ml of liquid, 1.8% of it is nicotine. 18-mg is a shorthand for 18 mg/mL or 18g/L or 18 parts per thousand (ppt) or 1.8%

MG/ml: A ratio to describe, in milligrams, the amount of nicotine per millilitre of liquid.

Micro: A designation for a small-sized e-cigarette; usually 50mm – 99mm long.

Mini: A smaller than average sized e-cigarette.

Milliliters: (mL) The amount or portions measured in a given container of eliquid. There is usually 1ml of liquid in a standard cartridge

Milligrams: (MG) The amount or level of nicotine found in e-liquid. Typical levels are 0mg, 6mg, 8mg,12mg,16mg,24mg,30mg,36,mg and 48mg.

mL: Abbreviation for Milliliters.

Mod: A custom built PV device.

Modder: A person who is a modder, modifys an electronic cigarette to their preference. Often to improve the mod device to be more powerful than a typical e-cig.

Mouthpiece: A mouth piece sits on and is inserted into an atomizer or cartomizer. A drip tip is often referred to as the mouth piece. This is the part where you lips are placed on an electronic cigarette.

Multi-Voltage (MV) Device: A device that has pre-determined voltage settings. Most of these have at least three settings. For example, a low setting could be 3.7V, a medium setting could be 4.5V, a high setting could be 6V. You cannot adjust outside of these settings. This is not a commonly used term in the vaping community, but it needs to be. Examples: The SVR, The EVO, The Ovale F-50.

MV: Abbreviation for Multi-Voltage (device).