Pass-through: (PT) A Pass-through can be either a device itself or part of an electronic cigarette or mod. It is the device itself, you can connect your atty or carto to it and then plug it into the USB port of a computer or USB wall adapter. It receives power through either. Pass-through is built into many electronic cigarettes and mods allowing you to use them while they are charging.

PCC: Personal Charging Case. A device that is charged first and then is used to charge you’re electronic cigarette while on the go and away from an electrical outlet. Many PCC provide extra storage room for an additional battery and cartomizer or carts. Most PCC’s look like a pack of cigarettes for easy carrying.

PEG: An acronym for Polyethylene Glycol; it is infrequently used as one of the ingredients in the e-liquid.

PEG400: An acronym for Polyethylene Glycol 400; an ingredient sometimes found in e-liquid.

Pen Style: A style of electronic cigarette, known for its resemblance to a ball point pen.

Personal Charging Case: A portable charger that can be taken with a user on the go to charge electronic cigarette batteries when away from a power outlet. Particularly useful when using an e-cig that has less than a 2 hour battery life per charge.

Personal Vaporizor: (Abbreviated as PV) Another name for an Electronic Cigarette. Usually used in reference to the more nontraditional style e-cigs (also known as Mods).

PG: Propylene Glycol (PG) Propylene Glycol is used as a base carrier for the nicotine and flavoring. Propylene Glycol has been deemed generally safe to be used in medical products as well as in food products for general consumption. Some people have reported having an allergic reaction to PG.

Pipe Style: The Pipe style electronic cigarette is also known as an E-Pipe. The Pipe style or E-Pipe is made to resemble a tobacco pipe.

Polyfil: The standard material used in the factory to fill cartridges.

Primer: Many companies use a VG based primer for preservation and shipping. The primer is used inside the atomizer and on the coils. Many vapers prefer to blow out the primer out of the atty, as the taste is less than desirable. However this primer will burn off eventually allowing the true taste of the eliquid to come through.

Primer Puff: The practice of taking a quick, short draw just to engage the atomiser.

Protected (batteries): A battery which has a computer chip at the base, which protects the battery and breaks the circuit in the battery from completing if the voltage goes too high or too low, the current goes too high or the cell temperature rises too high

PT: abbreviation for a Passthrough.

PTB: abbreviation for Pyramid Tea Bags.

PV: Personal Vaporizer. Another term for electronic cigarette and more commonly used in the vaping community. It uses an atomizer / cartomizer to vaporize the e-liquid needed to create a vapor for inhalation and exhalation.

Pull: The draw you take from your electronic cigarette.

Pyramid Tea Bags: some users find that this substance works better than the polyester fibre type filling found in most electronic cigarette cartridges.