Base Liquid: This is the liquid to which nicotine and flavouring are added create e-juice. The two most common base liquids are known as VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol).

Batt: Abbreviation for Battery.

Battery: (Batt) The battery provides power to the atomizer/cartomizer or preferred topper when the user draws on the mouthpiece. It is in general lithium-ion, ranges in many sizes. Some of the smaller “mini” batts, have an LED on the end to simulate the heat glow from what an analog cigarette creates when a draw or puff is taken.

Blank: Often referred to as a empty cartridge that a user can fill with their desired eliquid

Bottom Feeders: Refers to a Personal Vaporizer that has a bottle of juice in it that has a tube that goes up to the bottom of an atomizer

Box Mod: A square-shaped battery modification for lithium-ion batteries.

Bridge: A small U or V shaped covering on top of the heating coil of some atomizers. It is usually a metal covered by an absorbent material designed to wick e-liquid from a cartridge filler to the heating element.

BT: Big tobacco companies.

Burnt: Generally what people refer to when they have taken a drag on an empty cartridge.

Butt Plug: A part of the condom mentioned above that is inserted through the air hole at the threaded end of a cartomizer. It is intended to keep the innards of the cartomizer intact during shipping and prevent leakage in pre-filled cartos.