Tail-Piping: Specific to atomizers, this is when a user takes a vape directly off of an atomizer without a drip tip or a cartridge.

Tank: A special type of cartridge that holds considerably more liquid than cartridges with filler. Usually used with a cartomizer and sometimes an atomizer. You just fill them up with liquid and vape.

TH: abbreviation for Throat Hit.

THR: abbreviation for Tobacco Harm Reduction.

Three Piece E-Cigarette: A specific style of electronic cigarette combining a battery, atomiser and cartridge.

Throat Hit:(TH) Throat hit is the sensation that is felt in the back of the throat when inhalation is taken from the mouth down the throat. Some factors to the throat hit felt are, the nicotine level used, and or the quality of the e-liquid. Higher levels of nicotine generally give a greater throat hit. Personal vaping habits or techniques are also factors for throat hit.

TOB: An abbreviation referring to tobacco flavouring in e-liquid.

Tobacco Harm Reduction: (THR) Policy or practice of providing less harmful nicotine-containing products.

Topping Off: Adding a few drops of e-liquid onto a cartridge or cartomizer or tank is called topping off.

Toot: Another term used to describe the pull or to draw from your electronic cigarette

Triple-Coil Cartomizer: A newer type of cartomizer that employs three coils providing about 1.6ohms of resistance. These babies vape strong, slightly more so than dual-coils, and come in several sizes and may hold anywhere from 1.5ml to 3.5ml of juice. Generally recommended for 6v vaping.

TVECA: The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. https//www.tveca.com/

Two Hole / Four Hole Atomiser: A designation referring to the number of air intake holes built into an atomiser; some people prefer one over the other in terms of its simulation of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Two Piece E-Cigarette: A specific style of electronic cigarette combining a battery and a cartomiser.